Chihuahua: 6 killed in battle between La Linea and Gente Nueva

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Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from La Prensa

Gunmen of Roberto González “El 32” and  Francisco Arvizu “El Jaguar”
Once again, gunmen of Roberto González “el Mudo” or “el 32” and Los “Lobos” of Francisco Arvizu “el Jaguar”, clashed in the community of Las Varas in the municipality of Madera, leaving six people dead and one  injured, according to the State Attorney General’s Office.
The report of the events occurred after 9:00 p.m. on Saturday night, when the groups of La Línea and  Gente Nueva  met at the exit leading from Las Varas to Gómez Farías, at the height of the pantheon of that region, where they were exchanging gunfire for more than 30 minutes, as explained by some of the citizens who gave reports to the authorities.

The clash began when a group of more than 30 armed subjects were circulating in that area of ​​Madera, and they noticed an antagonistic group, so they started the armed confrontation, where some grenades were thrown and two bodies were burned, as a result of these events, the agents of the State Security Commission, Federal Police and the Mexican Army were those who arrived at the scene, where they found that six people had died as a result of these events, and secured weapons and two vehicles that were calcined.
When arriving, the security agents located a burning vehicle, where there were also two lifeless bodies with several firearm impacts, one of them  almost consumed by the flames of the vehicle.
On one side of the bodies, the security agents located two long weapons and a short weapon, which were burned, all of the dead were between 20 and 40 years old of age.

A few meters further, on the outskirts of the Las Varas pantheon facilities, a lifeless body was found, which had also apparently died as a result of the multiple bullet impacts.

Two more lifeless bodies were found just over 100 meters from the facilities where the events were recorded, and finally a few steps towards the mountain, another body was located, who like the others died after reeving two to six firearm impacts.
Both criminal groups came across gaps and opened fire in the ongoing dispute they maintain over the control of drug transfer in the mountains.

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