Deltaport’s lack of police means less than 1 per cent of containers get checked, officials say


Delta’s mayor and police chief say a lack of policing at Deltaport may be allowing criminal activity to run unchecked, and they want a solution fast.The port is the busiest in all of Canada and the fourth largest in all of North America, with more than 2.4 million containers flowing in and out every year.But according to Police Chief Neil Dubord, about 0.5 per cent of them are heading onto ships or trucks without their contents getting a closer look.Story continues below

That statistic is concerning to Mayor George Harvie, who says criminals could be using it to their advantage.READ MORE: Port Metro Vancouver cuts funding to police unit“If you’re an organized crime member, it’s pretty good odds to take a container through Deltaport when only 0.5 per cent get inspected,” Harvie said.The port used to have a dedicated policing program known as the Ports Canada Police, which also patrolled the Port of Vancouver and other waterfront shipping areas.But the federal government cut the program back in 1997.Ever since then, it’s been up to Delta Police to respond to issues there. The municipal force averages about 75 calls a year to the port, Dubord says.A RCMP-led Waterfront Joint Forces Operation unit once existed to fight crime at the ports, but the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority pulled its funding in 2015.WATCH: (May 30) Strike averted at Port of Vancouver

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