Emergency room physician bracing for injuries following launch of e-scooters in Montreal

Canada Health

Montreal is home to a new ride-sharing electric scooter service and despite a new bylaw making helmets mandatory for e-scooter riders, emergency room physicians are bracing for an influx in injuries.“We’re really excited to be here and scooters are launching at 12 p.m. today,” said Mike Markevich, general manager for the eastern Canada service of Lime, Montreal’s new e-scooter service.“We really encourage everyone to download the app and give it a shot — it’s a tonne of fun.”Story continues below

READ MORE: Lime electric scooters to hit Montreal streets this weekClose to 500 e-scooters will be made available in several downtown Montreal boroughs. The dock-free scooters are user-friendly and cost $1 to unlock and 30 cents a minute. While many Montrealers welcome the new environmentally-friendly mode of transportation, some cyclists are skeptical.“I’m a little worried because the bike paths are already very crowded,” said cyclist Maria Pia Chavez. “Who’s going to be riding these? Obviously not people who ride their bikes on a daily basis.”When Lime launched e-scooters in Calgary in mid-July, there were 60 reported injuries in the first two weeks. The City of Montreal hopes to curb the number of injuries with a new bylaw making helmets mandatory.“We’re confident that our bylaw will be one of the best written, one of the strictest in the world,” Montreal executive committee member Éric Alan Caldwell said on Monday.WATCH: (July 25, 2019) Electric scooters grow in popularity but remain illegal on B.C. roads

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