Four Spooky Food and Drink Stories From Greater Phoenix

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The most wonderful time of the year is finally getting an edge over Christmastime, and for good reason. You only have to shop for your own costume and there are still lots of amazing things to eat and drink — but mostly that last part. The scary stories (in this case, some haunted restaurants), are just an added bonus.

Here are four Halloween-themed stories to get you in the mood for the last night of the season.

9 Haunted Restaurants and Bars in Greater Phoenix

The veil is getting thinner. For folks who are trying to get their spook on, trespassing on some ransacked, abandoned property can usually do the trick. Fortunately for Phoenicians, there are plenty of residences and small businesses that have seen a fair share of death and are now serving food and drinks to the public.

Here are nine restaurants where you might run into a phantom or two

, all the while filling your belly. Plus, you won’t get a trespassing ticket.

The selection at HULA'S Captain's Cabin.

The selection at HULA’S Captain’s Cabin.

HULA’S Modern Tiki

9 Places to Eat and Drink for Halloween in Greater Phoenix

It feels like Halloween has been happening for months already, but there are several places in the Valley to get you ready for haunted houses, trick-or-treaters, and of course, spooky treats, in case you weren’t in the mood. Phoenix likes to show its Halloween love, and in celebration of the last day of October, restaurants are excited to debut festive cocktails and food.

Here are nine spots in metro Phoenix

going all out for All Hallows’ Eve.

Just in time for Halloween.EXPAND

Just in time for Halloween.

Jia Jia Shum/Unsplash

DIY: 10 Horrific Halloween Shots

Halloween isn’t just for kids. In fact, some of the best parts about the holiday — scary movies, fall beers, costume parties, and seasonally themed alcoholic beverages — are for grownups only. Or at least, they should be. So, with the spirit of the season in mind,

we found 10 of the most outrageous and horrific Halloween-themed shots and cocktails

for your Halloween partying pleasure. Because why should the kids get all the treats?

Supposedly, Ernest Hemingway drank six Death in the Afternoons before writing.EXPAND

Supposedly, Ernest Hemingway drank six Death in the Afternoons before writing.

Bri Cossavella

Mixologist Nick Boehme Serves Absinthe and Luxury at Downtown Speakeasy

Among the bleeding skull candles and demonic artwork,

Nick Boehme, the resident bartender at Sanctum

, is a vibrant presence in the spooky and gothic-themed speakeasy. Boehme encourages his guests to come neatly dressed, composed, and with an open mind. Once the doorbell is rung and the password spoken (usually inspired by ancient mythology), guests enter a dimly lit room filled with velvet, chandeliers, and gargoyles. And specifically for the month of October, vintage Walgreens decorations are only on display to celebrate Halloween.

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