Guatamala: Ten Mexicans and a Colombian arrested with 422 packets after firefight

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Guatemalan Army troops seized a plane with 422 packages of cocaine in Laguna del Tigre National Park, a border town with Mexico; after a firefight where they managed to arrest 10 Mexicans and a Colombian. According to the spokesman of the Army of Guatemala, Colonel Óscar Pérez, during the early hours of Saturday, on the radar of the Guatemalan Air Force an illegal flight was detected, so they mobilized to the area known as Estrella del Norte, in the park Laguna del Tigre National, belonging to the department El Petén, Guatemala; which borders the border of Tenosique, Tabasco

Upon arriving at the scene, the military forces were shot at and a confrontation began, resulting in the detention of Mexicans: Leandro, 31; Wiliam 18; Arturo 24; José Luis of 72; José del Carmen, 38; Felipe, 47, Daniel 33; César, 18 and a 16-year-old boy. A Mexican was injured in the left leg, as well as the Colombian. While another group of approximately 15 more people managed to escape among the thick vegetation of the National Park of the Maya Biosphere Reserve. The Guatemalan Army managed to secure a white cesna plane, type centurion II, with registration number N6782R, inside were 16 packages with 422 packets of cocaine, three cell phones and one Mexican passport. 
Agents of the General Sub-Directorate of Analysis and Anti-Narcotics Information (SGAIA) of the National Civil Police (PNC) located in the community of Playa Grande, Ixcán, department of Quiché, investigated a plane that was burned and buried that was used for drug trafficking. 

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