Iguala, Gro: 3 Members of “Banda la Fiestera” Assassinated

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In an attempted robbery, three members of the musical group “Banda la Fiestera” were intercepted by armed men when they were heading back to Guerrero after a concert in Temacaltepec.
Three members of a musical group called “Banda la Fiestera” from Iguala, Guerrero, were killed early Monday morning in the municipality of Texcaltitlán, in the State of Mexico.
According to reports, armed men ordered the musicians from the van in which they were transported to strip them of their belongings.
The alleged perpetrators opened fire on the victims, leaving a balance of three people dead. The attackers fled the area and so far there are no detainees.

It is said that it was a direct attack and that six other people were injured, in events in the municipality of Texcaltitlán, State of Mexico.
The criminals fled in a pick-up vehicle, the area had to be protected by Public Security elements, who requested the intervention of the Ministry and the forensic experts for the removal of the bodies and take any signs of evidence.
Two of the victims were identified as Jesus and Joseph, between 24-25 years of age.
The musicians were returning from performing at the Temacaltepec fair aboard a blue Chevrolet Express van, when they were attacked by the armed men. One Tweet claims their are 4 dead.

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I might add that this Banda band has lots of mellow style songs too, check them out………

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