Tucson-area collectors wanted for an ‘American Pickers’ visit in February

Arizona News

A film crew with the popular History Channel series “American Pickers” is making its way through Arizona next February, on the hunt for rusty gold and the collectors willing to sell it.

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, the stars of the long-running, treasure hunting show, are looking for folks with “sizeable, unique collections” and “large, private accumulations of antiques,” according to press materials sent to the Star by Cineflix USA, the production company behind the program.

Characters with larger-than-life personalities and interesting backstories are a plus. 

Since launching the show in 2010, Wolfe and Fritz, who are based in Tennessee and Iowa respectively, have crisscrossed the country, picking everything from Lambretta scooters to antique circus banners from an eclectic collection of personalities.

The show has only visited Arizona a couple of times, including in 2011 when Wolfe and Fritz picked two Willcox-area residents, Wally Hozjan and Fargo Graham.

Southern Arizonans who feel they fit the bill can send their name, phone number, the city in which they live, and a description of what they have with photos to americanpickers@cineflix.com

They are also invited to leave a voicemail at 1-855-OLD-RUST.

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