Victoria woman facing hundreds of dollars in tickets calling for free parking near homeless shelters


A Victoria homeless woman is urging the city to provide free parking and extended hours for those living in homeless shelters.Willi Boepple has spent nearly 40 years as a goat farmer, but lost her home in January when the farm owners decided to sell the property.Boepple couldn’t find another place for her herd, and after a few months near Duncan she ended up at a homeless shelter in Victoria. The only thing of any value she has been able to keep is her truck — and that is now in jeopardy.Story continues below

READ MORE: Housing and homelessness centre stage amid duelling Maple Ridge ralliesThe 60-year-old has racked up more than $800 in parking tickets she can’t afford to pay. All those tickets has led to Boepple ending up on a tow list, which means if she gets another ticket her vehicle could be gone.“I have some health conditions that are getting worse, not better, and I started finding I could keep moving my vehicle around every two hours,” Boepple said.“I have boxes of books in storage, but the only thing I have of any value is my truck.”WATCH (Aired August 27, 2018): Poverty advocates protest move to shutdown Victoria area homeless camp

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