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Selling ​​hamburgers under the bridge where they hung up to 9 bodies; “I fear almost nothing,” he says.

“El Güero”, as he is known, says that early morning he heard a loud blow, “as if someone had been run over.” When he turned around he saw a dead person on the street , but he continued at his work.
The discovery of 19 bodies in different parts of Uruapan, Michoacán which caused horror, was followed by an unusual story.  VIDEO Next Page

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In the images of the bridge where nine bodies appeared, some of them hanging, there was a light on the bottom.
This is a hamburger stand that does business at night.

The owner stayed in place trying to go unnoticed.
The photograph when it appears went viral last Thursday.
In the middle of bodies hanging from a bridge, a hamburger cart remained, owned by Isidro García Martínez, who since 1995 is in placed every night underneath the  bridge of the eastern drainage, near the industrial boulevard of Uruapan.
What do they call you?
“El Güero,” answered Isidro García Martínez, hamburger seller, in Uruapan, Michoacán.
About 4:30 am on Thursday morning, when he was about to finish his workday, he noticed something unusual.
“I heard the noise. I was working here early on. One fell first as if he had been run over or something like that and I just turned to the right where I heard the noise and I saw that one person was lying there and I just turned here and focused, and after a while I saw that there was one hanging,” said Isidro “El Güero” García Martínez, hamburger seller in Uruapan.
Despite the impact, Isidro tried to continue his work.
“Everything was left alone, but I didn’t even want to leave here alone, I had to pick up my things, but when I saw that everything was very ugly I left the work stand and everything and I just left after a while. When all the bodies were taken away, I came back, I had already packed up, ” said Isidro García Martínez.
As part of the inquiries he spent four hours in the Public Ministry.
“It was very little that I had seen because I was simply at my work,” he recalled.
– Was your family worried?
“Yes, but you also know and I have always told you, you have to fear problems, that’s what you have to fear,” he said.
-What did people say?
“Right now I have just arrived, but there is a scream every so often and ‘I hear someone yell “look pa’ rriba ‘,” he said. ( Look UP !!)
Don Isidro argues that the only thing that matters to him is to move his family forward and the honesty of his work.
“Actually life did not provide for me to be a great person. I did not have the opportunity to study. I have the opportunity to work and it is a big activity that I have and I feel proud of myself. Because I have been able to move them ( his family) forward, without misusing my work, it  is all honest, clean, beautiful. Just life working without needing to be scrubbing anyone. That is my motto in life, ” said Isidro García, hamburger seller, in Uruapan.
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