VIDEO: Uruapan, Michoacán: Sicarios Open Fire in California Grill Bar

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Sicarios stormed into the California Grill bar, and four people were killed, which has caused a strong mobilization on Latinoamericana avenue, in La Magdalena neighborhood.
The events were recorded today, when patrons of the club alerted the municipal police to an attack.
Immediately, the police moved to the scene and observed several wounded, so they requested the support of paramedics. When the first responders arrived and tried to help the victims, they confirmed the death of four people and one injured woman who was taken to a hospital for medical attention.
VIDEO Below: Graphic Images but watchable
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Sept 21: Victims have been identified:
With regard to the events recorded last night in this city and in which four people lost their lives, the Regional Prosecutor’s Office has concluded the first proceedings of expert opinions and identification of the victims.
According to a statement, before the Public Ministry agent, the victims were identified as José Arturo G., José Fernando A., Rogelio G., and Saúl R. Three people were also injured, two men and a woman.
In the diligence of inspection, fixation and collection of evidence carried out in the place of the facts by personnel of the Prosecutor’s Office of Michoacán, a firearm was located next to one of the bodies; while, among the belongings of other victims, a firearm was also found; Both artifacts were secured and packed for analysis.
Sept 21Two Men Arrested:
During an operation by the municipal police and National Guard, they arrested two people, with guns and a vehicle, which could be related to the California Grill bar massacre. , which left four dead and two injured.
According to information during an operation on Calzada Las Fuentes and Libramiento Oriente, police and National Guard personnel, they stopped a white Toyota, Tacoma, white truck.
They immediately arrested two males who, when searched both were found to be carrying a 380 caliber pistol.
The two men of 21 and 41 years were made available to the staff of the Prosecutor who will investigate whether they are related to the participation of the murder of four people inside the bar.
Several armed subjects carrying long weapons and shot and shot several men who were at a table and then fled. Regarding these facts, the FGE continues with relevant investigation acts for its clarification.
Editors note: CJNG versus Los Viagras are suspected as being the culprits.
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