2020 Election Guide: Find information about Tucson and Southern Arizona races

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Let’s face it. Elections are confusing. You’ve probably heard enough about the presidential election to make up your mind and maybe to get in a knock down, drag out fight with family members. But do you know who is running for your Legislative District? Maybe we can help.

Find your congressional and legislative districts: tucne.ws/districtlocator. Submit your address to get to the details.

Find your Pima County Supervisor district: tucne.ws/pimasupes, click on the maps tab.

A fun guide to voting eearly, by David Fitzsimmons

2020 Election: Star Editorial Board Endorsements

President of the United States

The candidates that follow are listed alphabetically by last name under each office for which they are running.

All candidates in the following races were invited to participate in an interview with the Star Editorial Board and the public, via Zoom.

United States Senate

United States Congress

District 1

District 2

District 3

Arizona Legislative District 2


(vote for 1)


(vote for 2)

Arizona Legislative District 9



Vote for 2

Arizona Legislative District 10



Vote for 2

Arizona Legislative District 11



Vote for 2

Pima County Sheriff

Pima County Recorder

Pima County Assessor

Pima County Board of Supervisors

District 1

District 2

District 3

District 4

District 5

Arizona Corporation Commission

Vote for up to 3

Pima County Treasurer

TUSD Governing Board

Vote for up to 3

Pima Community College Board

Other races

The following candidates were not invited to interview with the Star Editorial Board.

Amphitheater Unified School District Governing Board

Vote for no more than 3

Scott K. Baker

Vicki L. Cox Golder

Nathan Davis

Deanna M. Day


Three incumbents, one newcomer vie for three seats on Amphitheater governing board

Sunnyside Unified School District Governing Board

Vote for no more than 3

Joaquin M. Nuñez

Updated Oct. 14. 2020: Nuñez has notified Pima County Superintendent Dustin Williams he is withdrawing his candidacy: “Due to family health matters, I have made the decision to relocate to Texas sometime next year,” Nuñez wrote in an email to Williams. “It seems unfair and irresponsible to the school board and to the district to continue my campaign now that I know I won’t be able to complete even a quarter of my term, or to truly affect any of the initiatives that I intended to introduce.”

Lisette Nuñez

Rebecca “Beki” Quintero

Matthew Taylor

Tanque Verde Unified School District Governing Board

Vote for no more than 3

Raj Murthy

Jeffrey M. Neff

Jeremy L. Schalk

Anne Velosa

Propositions for Arizona

Prop 207: The Smart and Safe Arizona Act

The descriptive title on the ballot reads: The law would allow limited marijuana possession, use, and cultivation by adults 21 or older; amend criminal penalties for marijuana possession; ban smoking marijuana in public; impose a 16% excise tax on marijuana sales to fund public programs; authorize state/local regulation of marijuana licensees; and allow expungement of marijuana offenses.

Prop 208: Invest in Education Act

The descriptive title on the ballot reads: The law would impose a 3.5% tax surcharge on tacable annual income over $250,000 for single persons or married persons filing separately, or $500,000 for married persons filing jointly or heads of households, to increase funding for public education.

Other Propositions

Prop 481

Pima County Community College District: Permanent Base Expenditure

Shall the base expenditure limit of the Pima County Community College District be permanently adjusted by $11,484,199?

Prop 482

Marana Unified School District: Shall trhe Governing Board of Marana Unified School District No. 6 of ima County, Arizona (the “District”), adopt a General Maintenance and Operation Budget that includes an amount that exceeds the revenue control limit specified by statute by 10% for fiscal year 2021/2022 and for six subsequent years as described below? The fiscal year 2021/2022 budget override authority represents an extension of the existing budget override authority which is scheduled to phase down by one-third for fiscal year 2022/2023, by another one-third for fiscal year 2023/2024, and terminate for fiscal year 2024/2025 if the voters do not approve the override.

The amount of the proposed continuation of the budget increase of the proposed budget over the alternate budget for fiscal year 2021/2022 is estimated to be $-0-. In fiscal years 2021/2022 through 2025/2026 the amount of the proposed increase will be 10% of the District’s revenue control limit in each of such years, as provided in Section 15-481(P) of the Arizona Revised Statutes. In fiscal years 2026/2027 and 2027/2028, the amount of the proposed increase will be 6.67% and 3.33%, respectively, of the District’s revenue control limit in each of such years, as provided in Section 15-481(P) of the Arizona Revised Statutes.

Prop 483

Tanque Verde Unified School District: Shall Tanque Verde Unified School District No. 13 of Pima County, Arizona (the “District”), be allowed to issue and sell general obligation bonds in the principal amount of not to exceed $6,100,000 to provide money for the following purposes:

  • Constructing school buildings;
  • Renovating school buildings;
  • Purchasing pupil transportation vehicles;
  • Acquiring by purchase or lease school lots;
  • Improving school grounds, including adjacent ways thereto;
  • Supplying school buildings with furniture, equipment and technology;
  • Liquidating indebtedness incurred for the purposes set forth herein;
  • Providing all utilities and other capital items necessary for the construction and renovation of school buildings and for improving school grounds;
  • Paying all architectural, design, engineering, project and construction management and other costs incurred in connection with the purposes set forth above; and
  • Paying all legal, financial and other costs in connection with issuance of the bonds?

The bonds will bear interest at rates not exceeding 8.5% per year. Interest may be evidenced by separate certificates and will be paid on January 1 and July 1 each year until the bonds mature. The bonds, and any bonds issued to refund the District’s bonds, may be sold at prices that include premiums not greater than permitted by law. The bonds may be refunded by the issuance of refunding bonds of a weighted average maturity of less than 75% of the weighted average maturity of the bonds being refunded. Bonds will be in the denominations of $5,000 each or in multiples of $5,000 and will mature on the first day of January and/or July in years determined by the District’s governing board. The bonds shall mature over a period of not (i) less than one (1) year (or a portion thereof) or (ii) more than twenty (20) years from the date of their issuance. The issuance of these bonds will result in a property tax increase sufficient to pay the annual debt service on bonds.

The capital improvements that are proposed to be funded through this bond issuance are to exceed the State standards and are in addition to monies provided by the State. Tanque Verde Unified School District is proposing to issue Class B general obligation bonds totaling $6,100,000 to fund capital improvements over and above those funded by the State. Under the Students FIRST capital funding system, Tanque Verde Unified School District is entitled to State monies for new construction and renovation of school buildings in accordance with State law.

Prop 485

Shall Green Valley Fire District of Pima County, Arizona, be authorized to issue and sell bonds of the District in the principal amount of not to exceed $13,000,000, bearing interest at a rate of not to exceed ten percent (10%) per annum and extending for a term not exceeding twenty (20) years and use the proceeds of such bonds, including any premium, to finance and/or refinance certain improvements in the District including, but not limited to, new communications equipment; additional fire apparatus; replacing worn out and aging equipment; construction of a fire station, acquisition of related real property, and renovation of existing facilities; and paying all costs in connection with the issuance and sale of Bonds?

Prop 486

City of South Tucson: Pursuant to the Arizona State Constitution, this proposal establishes an alternative expenditure limitation for the City of South Tucson for the next four years. Annually, the City Council will determine the amount of the alternative expenditure limitation for the fiscal year after at least one public hearing. This alternative expenditure limitation replaces the state- imposed expenditure limitation.

Johanna Eubank is a digital producer for the Arizona Daily Star and tucson.com. She has been with the Star in various capacities since 1991. Contact her at jeubank@tucson.com

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