Chilapa de Álvarez, Guerrero: All 10 Musicians From Sensación Musical Were Set Ablaze

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On Friday, January 17, the musical group was returning from playing in the community of Alcozapan
This Friday, January 17, ten members of the Sensación Musical group were killed in the community of Mexcalzingo, in the municipality of Chilapa de Álvarez, Guerrero.
Around 11 in the morning, when they returned from playing in the Alcozapan community, armed men detained them in a checkpoint they had installed on the road at the height of Mexcalzingo.
However, according to the story, the armed men burned, first, the two trucks and then killed them.

The members were identified as José Julio Fiscaleño Hilario, 17; Crescenciano Migueleño Huapango, 37; Israel Tolentino Ahueirán and Antonio Mendoza Tolentino, 24 years old; Candida Fiscaleño Hilario of 20; Lorenzo Linares Jiménez, 32; Juan Joaquín Ahuejote, 42; Marcos Fiscaleño Baltasar, 36 years old; Regino and Israel Mendoza Past 15.
The State Attorney General confirmed the facts and said that the ten musicians were found burned inside a vehicle.
For its part, the Community Police of the Regional Coordination of Community Authorities (CRAC) Coordinadora Regional de Autoridades Comunitarias (CRAC), blamed the attack on the Self-Defense For Peace and Justice group, which has alleged links with the Los Ardillos criminal organization.
It is worth mentioning that a confrontation between said criminal group and the CRAC has been in the area for more than 4 years, which has triggered the murder, disappearances and forced displacement of dozens of people.
Family and friends block the road
Members of the Rincón de Chautla Community Police and inhabitants of the community of Alcozacán, Guerrero, keep the Chilapa-Hueycantenango state highway blocked; they demand that the state authorities hand over the bodies of their 10 companions killed and calcined yesterday.

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