Churumuco, Michoacán: Violent clash between CJNG and Viagras

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Michoacán.- One of the most violent clashes of the year between two criminal organizations took place this afternoon in the municipality of Churumuco, in Michoacán, by alleged members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel and Los Viagras.
Several people injured by bullet impacts and a lifeless person are reported.
They reported that the clashes have taken place on different roads that lead to the population of Zicuirán, where some vehicles were also on fire.
At least 40 armed men participated in the most violent shooting, which occurred on the Churumuco-Zicuirán highway, according to local media.

Local authorities together with the National Guard and the Michoacán Police try to control the situation in that region.
Given the situation, the Ministry of Public Security of Michoacán, carried out patrols and checkpoints in different parts of the municipality.

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