Human dismembered remains found with a message in La Paz

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Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   El Norte

Municipal authorities this morning located human remains in two different points of La Paz, State of Mexico.
The first discovery occurred at the corner of Moctezuma and Mixcoac, in Colonia Ancón de Los Reyes, where a couple of packages of body parts,  including a severed head were abandoned.
Meanwhile, at the corner of Galeana and Morelos, in Colonia El Pino, two more packages with human parts were found inside.
In both cases, the bags were accompanied by an intimidating message directed at suspected drug dealers operating in the area.

“This happened to me because I was selling drugs for assholes, like Victor Nagera alias Chato, America Zarmina Arcos, Oscar Suárez Gómez.  Keep killing your own people just to send us little assholes, I’m going for your drug store in Los Reyes Calle 12. 

Att: Familia Michoacana

This plaza already has an owner”  

Warning: graphic image below….no further text

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