‘It was his life’: Son helps maintain Vancouver family business after father’s murder


The family of a popular Vancouver businessman murdered earlier this summer is moving forward to continue his legacy.Derek McIver spent Saturday loading up his father’s work truck with deliveries for longtime customers of McIver’s Appliances, the labour of love Jack McIver built up over 55 years.Story continues below

“It was his life, it was his purpose,” the younger McIver said.John Leslie McIver founded McIver’s Appliances in 1964, working six days a week and refusing to retire, even when he turned 78 years old.READ MORE: Man charged in murder of longtime Vancouver businessman“We got him down to five days a week, but then he would sneak in on that extra day,” McIver said.His father’s push to succeed ended suddenly and tragically two months ago, when he was found slain inside his store on East 69 Avenue shortly after 8 a.m. on June 26.McIver says his sister made the grisly discovery.“You can never fully prepare for that, especially the way it happened,” he said. “It’s just a shock.”WATCH: (July 24) Charges in murder of long-time Vancouver businessman

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