‘Los Durangos’ send threats to Caro Quintero’s group via videos

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A video circulates where narcos who
call themselves Los Durango or Jinetes de la Muerte exhibited themselves on
social networks displaying their powerful arsenal as they walk through the
limits of the states of Sonora and Durango in Mexico and launch a threat to the
group allegedly headed by Rafael Caro Quintero, alias el Narco de Narcos.

Later in the video, they exit  the truck and once again show off their weapons,
ready to shoot, all this while listening to a narcocorrido.

While in another video, which
everything indicates was taken from a live broadcast, the alleged leader of
said criminal cell launches a threat:

“We are not going to leave until
the town is cleansed, (…) all those who have been causing harm to people who
live their life doing good, people who work, Just as they killed the
footballer, also when they have gone to collect piso they have killed  innocents, the people in the restaurant,  people that have done nothing to you.”

 Video #2 translation is as

Sicario #1: We’re not going to
leave this town until it’s free of that gang of ratchet ass people. They’re all
with Dario, El Yuka…

Hitman # 2: Abel.

 Sicario #1: El 04, Abel, as well as that whole
gang of faggots that are there with them.

Sicario #2: El Tico also. All
those who have been in favor of causing harm against everyone who dedicates
themselves to only doing everything good, citizens who work. Just like when you
guys screwed up and killed El Futbolista Also, whenever you’ve gone out to
charge a taxation and have fucked up by killing innocents and all that. That
shit is wrong. Sicario #1: Just as well with the accountant from that
restaurant. Those are citizens who didn’t even bother you.

Sicario #2: They don’t even
bother you.

Sicario #1: If you’re going to go
into Altar (Altar, Sonora).Then you’re going to have to kill everyone in Altar.
You fool this problem that you have is only against us.

Sicario #2: Buddy, the people
will be respected. Don’t think that because you have the surname of a big shot
family (Caro Quintero) as you like to claim, I don’t know what you call that,
gives you the right to fuck up. You don’t necessarily have to have a big shot
last name to be humble, or intelligent to do things. You guys need to fucking
learn. That the only people who are to be killed here are the ones who are
actually guilty. You’re all hearing a greeting on behalf of my brother El
Grocio. What would you like to declare to the public my brother?

Sicario #3:Well, not much. Really
not much. We want a confrontation with something. But this town is too
desolate. We didn’t think it was going to end up empty so quickly.

Sicario #4:Let everyone also know
about what all is being said on the news… Sicario #2: Also, you’re always
using the fucking…

Sicario #3: Stop using the
government to help you out. Let’s just confront each other properly. So that
all the citizens can live in peace.

Sicario #2: They say there’s
freedom of speech. Well then… – Translation by Sol Prendido

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