Madera: 19 die in confrontation in Chihuahua

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Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  El Diario Chihuahua

Federal Police Report: On the dirt road from the Chuhuichupa town to the La Norteña community, there was a confrontation between members of the Pacifico and La Línea cartels.
At the scene there were 18 dead in the aftermath, one wounded.
The wounded man named Tomas Estrada Estrada, 18, from Otae, Dgo., from the “Jaguar” group, they were 20 people and they were attacked by a group of 40 armed men.

Members of the Gente Nueva del Cártel Pacífico, headed by Francisco Javier Arvizo Márquez “el Jaguar”, operate in the western region of the State, who are fighting with members of the Nuevo Cártel de Juárez  led by Roberto González Montes “el 32”.

They also located two injured men, who were moved to the city of Cuauhtémoc, for their medical care, where one of them alias “piranhas”, passed away before arriving at the hospital and the other remains under custody to be made available to the Attorney General of the Republic

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