Phoenix soccer player arrested for buggy ride on Wakehurst Parkway

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At the station, police allege he returned a breath analysis reading of 0.100, and was subsequently charged with Drive Middle Range PCA to appear before Manly Local Court on Wednesday, June 10.

Payne told Radio Sport in New Zealand that he was “incredibly embarrassed” by his actions.

“It was definitely a mistake on my behalf. It’s just one of those things you wish you could take back,” Payne said. “With anything you do in life, there’s got to be repercussions… I 100 per cent expect there to be repercussions for my actions.”

Payne admitted he, Sail and some other teammates had been drinking on Monday night but that he and Sail never intended to break quarantine.

“I don’t know exactly how far (from the quarantine area) it was,” Payne said. “There will be some legal sanctions in Australia, yes. I’ll take full responsibility for that, whatever the club and FFA decide, I’ll take full responsibility. I’ve made my bed and I’ve got to take responsibility for my actions.”


FFA said in a statement it was taking the matter “very seriously”.

“If any misconduct is found to have occurred, FFA will be swift in taking action under the FFA National Code of Conduct,” the statement said.

The Phoenix said they were continuing their investigations. “The club will release a further statement once its investigation is complete,” the club said in a statement.

Phoenix players returned home on Tuesday after the A-League was suspended and Payne could avoid attending court in Sydney by lodging his plea from New Zealand.

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