Suspects arrested in Le Baron massacre are not from La Linea insists family

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Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  from Milenio  TYGus

They are scapegoats say family, we have never been told why they are arrested, we learned that from the press.

“For the LeBaron a disgrace-For us an injustice”
Suspect with family
The relatives of the detainees for allegedly having participated in the massacre of the LeBarón family say they are being judged without foundation.
Although both subjects have a criminal record, their relatives indicate that at no time have they been told that they had anything to do with the multi – homicide of six children and three women from a Mormon community.
This is the phrase with which the Hernández, family of the arrested men, defended those allegedly involved with this crime .

Relatives say the suspects are ranchers and have taken care of their dying father for a year.

In addition, they indicated that they were not informed of the charges and it was through the press that they learned it was I connection of LeBaron massacre.
Sister Becky Hernandez [at left] says what happened to the Le Baron’s was a disgrace, and we all want justice, but not just for the LeBarons, justice for all.
“They had nothing to do with the case, the government just needed a scape- goat to close the case.”

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