Unit of Swedish-based firm picks Tucson for wire manufacturing expansion

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Sandvik Materials Technology

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A Sandvik worker makes medical wire in an operation similar to that planned at a new plant near the Tucson airport.

Sandvik Materials Technology, part of a Sweden-based maker of advanced metal products, plans to expand its manufacturing of precision medical wire and related components with a new plant in Tucson expected to eventually employ about 20 workers.

Sandvik has leased 8,800 square feet of space at 2424 E. Aragon Road, off South Tucson Boulevard near Tucson International Airport, according to Sun Corridor Inc.

Sandvik expects to start operations at the Tucson facility in the first quarter of 2021, and over five years, the full expansion is expected to add about 20 jobs mainly in operations and manufacturing, the Tucson-area economic development agency said.

Sandvik Materials Technology is a Florida-based business unit of Sandvik, a Stockholm-based, high-tech and global engineering group specializing in materials, metal cutting, mining and additive manufacturing technology.

In the medical market, Sandvik develops, manufactures and refines precision medical wire and wire-based components, for use in devices such as brain stimulators.

The company was looking at additional manufacturing sites to expand production capacity and took the opportunity to expand to the Southwest, a Sandvik official said.

“We needed a West Coast location near our customers and a superior technical workforce, which we found at the University of Arizona, Pima Community College and (Arizona State University). Tucson really checked all the boxes for us,” said Gary Davies, head of Sandvik’s medical business unit at Sandvik Materials Technology.

Steve Cohen of Picor handled lease negotiations. Partners in the project include the Arizona Commerce Authority, the city of Tucson, Pima County and Pima Community College, Sun Corridor said.

Gov. Doug Ducey and other officials hailed Sandvik’s expansion move to Tucson.

“The decision by Sandvik to expand its operations in Southern Arizona really validates that our position as a biotech center is strong and growing,” said Joe Snell, president and CEO of Sun Corridor Inc.

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