Zirándaro, Guerrero: La Nueva Familia Michoacána Executes a Wounded CJNG Sicario

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From the depths of the depraved Mexican underworld a new film has surfaced. In this video sicarios from the cartel of La Nueva Familia Michoacána kills without mercy a wounded and dying Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación sicario.

Video translation is as follows:
Sicario on Radio #1: Rayo, Rayo. (He’s calling his chain of commands call sign). 
Sicario #2: Can your hear me? Look at me! (Talking to dying CJNG sicario). 
Sicario on Radio #3: (Inaudible).
Sicario on Radio #1: There’s a son of bitch dying here. Can we kill him?
Sicario on Radio #3: Go ahead. Come this way once you’re finished. 
Sicario #2: Your worlds will go to shit dumb asses. One at a time. 
Sicario on Radio #4: Go for it troops. Do it. 
Sicario on Radio #5: Azul, Azul (Someone’s call sign went over the airwaves). 
Sicario #2: We rained on this son of a bitches parade. 
Sicario on Radio #1: Are we good to go, are we good to go?
Sicario #2: Go ahead kill him. 
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